CAPEX Board of Directors

Please feel free to contact the Board directly with your comments, questions or any feedback, you can email board@capex.info


Communications Director Ryan Website, Yahoo/Google groups and posting group announcements.
Contributorship Director _D_ Orientation, contributor package or number and volunteer information.
Education Director Jade Savage Presenters, SIG's, classes or topics, ideas for presenters or presentations
Fianancial Director Glenn Income, expenses and facilitates meetings, social and contributorship payments.
Social Director Beth Social activities or volunteering for set-up / tear-down team or food.
CAPEX Team Leaders

By-Laws Team Emrys Review the CAPEX By-Laws and discuss any needed ammendments.
Decorations Team Beth Explore your crafty-side and help design and create decorations. As well as setup decorations and tear them down.
Food & Drinks Team MrBlue Help with the food & drinks to keep our energy up for the socials.
Gateway Team Varii & Mikey Gateway is our commitment to the future of our lifestyle
IT & Marketing Team
Brieana & WinterWolf Our IT & Marketing Team works on maintaining our website, design print materials for our marketing efforts as well as research new technology.
Media Specialist ~ Librarian Bunny Maintain the library's book list, suggest book options to add to the library. Setup and take down the library at each event.
Pool Manager Norm  
Social/DM Team VACANT We need to have monitors for every shift of the social to make it happen.
Welcoming Team Jade LeBlade Welcomes new contributors to CAPEX and shows them the ropes so to speak.

P.O. Box 551244 | Gastonia, NC 28055 | board@capex.info