Saturday ~ March 24, 2018
Female Led Dynamics

Presentation / Demo

Female Dominants who live the lifestyle 24/7. The discussion will cover frequent misconceptions, similarities and differences between Female and Male Dominants, "s" types that are drawn to this type of dynamic, some of the challenges, and some of the more unique aspects of play. This will be an interactive discussion and open to questions.

Presenters Bio:

Jade Savage is a Primal, Dominant Female with a beautiful smile and a strong inner sadist. She has been in the lifestyle for over 10 years. She was first exposed to the BDSM community in Hamburg Germany while on vacation there. After that first taste she continued her exploration in Los Angeles and began honing her skills in places like Miami, New York, Amsterdam, and San Francisco to name a few. Mistress Savage loves many things: from latex, masks, and fetish wear, to a wide variety of play such as CBT, bondage, pet play, and the mental/psychological aspects of a D/s dynamic. After moving to Charlotte in 2014 she became involved in the local community, and now serves on both the board of CAPEX and DoC. She is joined in her D/s life by her primary submissive, Robert, with whom she has had a FLR for the past 6 years.

Mistress Varii identifies as both a nurturing and a sadistic Dominant. She has been a leader all her life in both personal and professional environments, and certainly has enjoyed that role in her FLRs for over 30 years. She loves variety, intensity, and high levels of energy exchange, but how that is expressed can take many forms. She enjoys all forms of bondage, and most forms of impact play (especially whips). She also enjoys many forms of Cock and Ball play; anal play, and a variety of electrical toys. Most of all however, she is fed by the power exchange itself. She treasures the gift of deep submission and enthusiastic obedience from strong, intelligent submissives. Mistress Varii currently serves the kink community on two boards (CAPEX and DoC), runs a local peer group, teaches a Gateway group, and speaks/trains at local and regional events throughout the Southeast.

Panther Goddess has been in the lifestyle for over 15 years, starting her journey in San Francisco, then relocating to Charlotte in 2005. She has been a positive presence in the kink community with active participation in local groups like CAPEX, as well as teaching on a wide range of topics from M/s dynamics to building your own vacuum bed. She understands the challenges of Female Led Relationships first hand since she lives it 24/7 with her slave husband. She believes in, and is dedicated to the education, support, and mentorship of those who identify as Female Dominants (as well as those who serve them), and to that end she was instrumental in founding CFS years ago, and recently help to establish Dominae of the Carolinas (DoC).



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CAPEX's 2018 Calendar of Events!

EVENT / Description
January 27 Our annual Exploratorium!
This year we will have 5 stations running concurrently to offer you a tasting menu!!! Our stations will run from 4-6, and again during the first hour of dungeon time that would normally be dedicated to our 101. These dedicated stations will be open to allow you to explore, EXPERIENCE, and ask questions concerning a variety of fun things! You will have the following to choose from:
1) Fire and Wax (FunDomSwitch - also known as Joe and Maam)
2) Explore the Toy Bag (Mistress Varii & Draconian Soul)
3) Foot/Boot Worship and Chastity Devices (Mistress Savage and Empress Cactus)
4) Slave Positions (Horned_Beast and kit)
5) Violet Wand Play (MetalWoRx and CobaltBlueSpark)
February 24
Theme: Red Light District of Bangkok (A kinky Chinese New Year Theme)
Moon and Petal will be teaching and doing a presentation on Artistic Bloodlines (which is inkless temporary tattooing). During the Floor Party, we have it on good authority they will be offering to do bloodlines, artistic cuttings, or needle art. They are EXTREMELY good at all three!
March 24
Female Led Dynamics
This will be a panel discussion about the different styles and approaches to Female Dominant dynamics. This was the number one requested topic when we asked you what you wanted to see in 2018.
April 21
Exploring Energy Play
Master Cecil and servingwench80 are the amazing owners of the Woodshed in Orlando, FL and Owners and Producers of FIRE! This will be off the hook!!!!
May 12
CAPEX's Annual Pig Pick'n and Campout
Yes we have the Island again this year, and in addition to the normal great food, naked bonfire dancing, etc, we have a few additional surprises in store for you!!
June 23
Fire Play
Playing with Fire is both fun and exciting when done safely. It will be HOT in more ways than one!
July 28
Bits and Bites
This will include playing with pink bits (nipples, clit, cock, and balls) in a variety of fun and sadistic ways(insert evil grin here), and some biting fun without territorial restriction. We have board members wanting to volunteer for this one, LOL!
August 25
Daddy/Mommy Dom Dynamics
These dynamics are often misunderstood and under appreciated! We will have three couples who will help us learn more about these dynamics and what they truly represent.
September 22
Bondage, beyond rope!!
With the widespread interest in rope bondage in recent years, we haven't seen as much focus on the many other forms of bondage and the unique sensations and headspace those methods can produce. We will explore the use of Chain, Leather, and even a bit of Sensory Deprivation! I think it is safe to say this will be a captivating experience!
October 27
Fall Floor Party
Our presentation will be on Primal Play - "Unleashing the Animal Within". What is Primal Play? Since this is also a floor party month, it's sure to be wildly interesting!
November 17
There are many flavors and styles when it comes to objectification. When used well it is emotionally safe, tops and bottoms love it, and it produces a deeper level of intimacy and "headspace" on both sides of the slash.
December 15
Holiday Social
Details provided closer to the event.

P.O. Box 551244 | Gastonia, NC 28055 | board@capex.info