Saturday ~ September 23, 2017
Interrogations Scene Play with NCMaster

Presenter Bio:

NCMaster is a lifestyle Dominant Leather Man. He has been active in the community for over 30 years. His home group is Capex in Charlotte NC. He has been active in many other groups across both Carolinas and has served four terms on the Capex Board of directors. He traces his lifestyle roots back to the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel in Atlanta and has had much influence from old school Leather Men. He has often given presentations throughout the SouthEast. He has a very active leather family and believes strongly in community service. He is currently serving as Chairman, on the Board of Directors for the Leather Leadership Conference.

Presentation / Demo

Interrogation scene play in BDSM is a bit different than many types of scenes. In other scenes the top and bottom play in close coordination of shared energy and work together to find that special head space and connection that we all enjoy. However, in interrogation scene play, this is adversarial interaction, it is a type of resistance play, the bottom is encouraged and expected to resist, to struggle, to be non-cooperative. The level of play can be extreme and edgy. The designed purpose of the scene is to take the bottom to safe word.

Usually, there is a predetermined scenario that could be interrogating a terrorist suspect, a drug dealer, a military spy, or anything one can imagine. The tops and bottoms need to fully understand the nature of the play before participating because of the intensity possible. Mental, physical, and emotional involvement can push the tops and bottoms to the edge. Many enjoy this type of play because of the physical resistance. The chance to fight back, the desire to resist, be bratty, verbally challenge each other with in your face taunting can be very exciting.

This class will address the nature of the play, safety concerns and precautions, set up and preparations and ideas of how to make it more exciting. We will discuss how to develop the scenario and role play characteristics as well as how to make sure tops and bottoms fully understand what is expected. Negotiations and limits will also be discussed as an important part of the process.


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