Hello from the Gateway folks!

If you have an interest in joining us, please send an email to RSVP gateway@capex.info and we will hold a seat for you. Hope to see some new faces (and some returning!!)

CAPEX's Gateway & Round Table Discussion
Wednesday ~ March 21, 2018

This will be held in a private room at the restaurant. Please come on out and join us for a great night of food and conversation.Location to be given upon receiving RSVP
email Gateway@capex.info to RSVP
The Venue is Vanilla ~ Please dress accordingly.

This month’s Round Table Discussion topic is "Roles in BDSM"

CAPEX’s Gateway is for anyone 18+ who is new to the Charlotte kink community. If you have never been to a kink event, this is the place to start. If you have been in another community and are new to the Charlotte area (or maybe not so new, but not familiar with CAPEX), this is the place to begin making new friends and learning about the community and resources available.

Come join us for a good meal at a reasonable price, good conversation, and maybe a few laughs.

We hope you will join us. Please RSVP to receive the restaurant location.

The Gateway Program
For people who are new the lifestyle, new to the area or just curious!

We have all heard horror stories about the pitfalls that sometimes snare the uninitiated as they try to find their way into the lifestyle.

Some of us have experienced the unwanted psychological and physical torments that can be found lurking for the unwary. We well know that there is a real potential for agony in an unguided quest to find oneself in our lifestyle.

This fact is the primary, and most essential, reason that the Gateway program exists.

CAPEX, from its inception, has sponsored this program. It serves the lifestyle community. It offers a helping hand to future brothers and sisters on the avenues where our joy is found.

Gateway is our commitment to the future of our lifestyle and a loving effort to share wisdom with those taking their first frightened steps into the vistas we treasure.

It is our hope that, in sharing that wisdom, we literally serve as the novice's gateway. We hope to serve, to advise new members of the community and shield them from the evils they might otherwise fall prey to. In no other way can our beloved lifestyle prosper and grow as the joyous and loving brotherhood it is meant to be.


The Gateway program is open to anyone 18 years old and older. If the visitor is 21 or older, he or she is limited to attending six meetings.

This is because, (if the visitor is 21 or older) as adults they are better served to move into a real life group once they gain the basic foundation those six months provide.

Meetings are held monthly. Each is moderated by two individuals, one male and one female. They consist of a short presentation on a given topic followed by open discussion among the group.

Each meeting normally lasts about two hours.


If you, or someone you know, is interested in this program, CAPEX has an email specifically for the Gateway program. Just leave us details about yourself and/or situation and one of the representatives of Gateway will contact you as soon as possible.

The e-mail address to contact for more information: GATEWAY@capex.info

P.O. Box 551244 | Gastonia, NC 28055 | board@capex.info