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Below you will find books that CAPEX has to loan out. If you are interested in a book you can pick it up at the next CAPEX event. You MUST sign the book out on our checkout form. You will be allowed to keep the book till the following CAPEX event. Please return it by the required time as others will desire to read as well. Education is CAPEX's first and foremost goal. So happy reading to all that partake.


How to Have an Orgasm… As often as you Want

Rachel Swift

Come Play With Me: Games and Toys for Creative Lovers

Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

The Complete Kama Sutra

Alain Danielou

Erotic Bondage Handbook

Jay Wiseman

A hand book of Knots and Knot Tying

Geoffrey Budworth

Adult Videos: The good Vibrations Guide

Cathy Winks

The Solo Partner: Repairing your Relationship on Your Own

Phil DeLuca

Discover Your Sensual Potential: A Woman’s Guide

Barbara Keesling

A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting - 2

Deborah Addington

Nice Couples Do

Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework

Geoffrey Bubworth


John Riley

The Good Vibrations Guide: Adult Videos

Cathy Winks

SlaveCraft: Road Maps for Erotic Servitude

Guy Baldwin, M.S.

Different Loving

Gloria G Brame

The Loving Dominant

John and Libby Warren

The Tantric Pillow Book

Cassandra Lorius

BDSM Mastery: Your Guide for Creating Mindful Relationships for Dominants & submissives

Robert J. Rubel Ph.D & M Jen Fairfield

Master/slave Mastery Protocols: Focusing the intent of your relationship

M Jen Fairfield & Robert J. Rubel Ph.D

BDSM Mastery: Your Guide to Play Parties and Scene Protocols

Robert J. Rubel Ph.D & M Jen Fairfield

Is THAT what they meant? A book of practical communication insights

Robert J. Rubel Ph.D & M Jen Fairfield


The Leather Rose

Abbnaric Sabree

Best S/M Erotica: Vol 2

M. Christian


N.T. Morley

Story of O

Pauline Reage

House of Pain

Pan Pantziarka

Exit to Eden – 2 copies

Anne Rice

The Marketplace

Laura Antonion

The e-mail address to contact for more information: Education@capex.info

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