If you have never been a contributor of CAPEX before and would like to attend a CAPEX event, per the CAPEX Bylaws,
YOU MUST first attend CAPEX orientation. You MUST be at Least 21 years old.

Please check out the schedule for the day on our Events page.

or contact _D_

The purpose of the orientation is to provide an overview of CAPEX. This includes our mission, bylaws, structure, privacy and discretion policies. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have about CAPEX.
Please feel free to email our Contributor Director if you have any questions.

Q. I am the guest of a contributor (or BOD member), is orientation mandatory for me to attend the event?
A. No. Your host needs to be with you at check in.

Q. If I am running late can I still attend orientation?
A. Yes. Please be considerate with the lateness. You may miss some stuff and will have to wait to hear it again.

Q. What should I wear?
A. It's a family restaurant, use your good sense ;)

Q. Will there be a sign or marker?
A. look for a table with a guy in a black vest and some cool looking people who look to be having fun. Or Ask for the CAPEX group.

Q. Is it required to order food?
A. NO! If you do plan on having lunch, please be considerate of the orientation host, waitstaff and interruptions. It perfectly ok to stay and eat after the orientation as there will be enough time before the business meeting starts at 3pm.

Q: I have been a contributor in the past, but let my number lapse, do I have to attend orientation,
A: If you have someone who can guest you in you do not have to attend orientation to renew your contributorship. If you haven't come to CAPEX in a few years, come by orientation and get a new packet with our update rules.

Q: When can I renew as a Contributor?
A: Anytime you want, you don't have to wait for an event. Contact the contributor director.

Q: I let me number lapse, what do I do.
A: Keep Calm and Perv On, you can renew anytime, we try not to ever re-use a number.

P.O. Box 551244 | Gastonia, NC 28055 | board@capex.info