CAPEX Reciprocal Groups

CAPEX enjoys strong relationships with several BDSM and alternative lifestyle groups. Reciprocal agreements have been setup to allow CAPEX members to attend regularly scheduled and planned events at these groups without paying an additional "guest" fee or having to attend an orientation. In kind, members of reciprocal groups are welcome to attend CAPEX events without paying any additional guest fees or having to attend the CAPEX orientation. 

If you are a member of a reciprocal group photo ID and proof of your organization's membership are required.

The following groups have a reciprocal agreement with CAPEX. Please contact contributorship@capex.info if your group should be listed or your url has changed.

Black Rose



Rocky Tops n bottoms



CAPEX Reciprocity Guidelines:

At its discretion, the CAPEX Board of Directors may consider scheduling a vote before the CAPEX contributorship to grant reciprocity to clubs or organizations that meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a Board of Directors
  2. Have at least one regularly scheduled meeting per month
  3. Collect dues in some form
  4. Issue affiliation cards
  5. Extend reciprocity to CAPEX (see below)
  6. Have met guidelines 1 through 4 for at least 5 months
  7. Reciprocity continues in perpetuity as long as the above criteria are met

By "Extend reciprocity to CAPEX", we mean that card carrying CAPEX members will be admitted to regularly-scheduled educational events and parties put on by a reciprocal organization, without additional and onerous reservation procedures. Further, CAPEX members will be admitted for the same fee that a reciprocal organization charges its own members. Further, each such card-carrying CAPEX member will be allowed to be accompanied by at least one guest.

Reciprocity is not expected to take precedent over any organization's minimum-age, gender, or orientation requirements.

CAPEX Reciprocity Procedures:

To request reciprocity with CAPEX please email board@capex.info with the following information:

  1. Primary Group Contact and Contact Information
  2. Web Site Address
  3. Snail Mail Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Mission Statement
  6. Group Inception Date
  7. Geographic Area Served (if appropriate)
  8. Statements explaining how your group meets the guidelines, (e.g. Elected board of 7, Educational Lectures on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, $35/yr per person, Membership Card, etc.)

P.O. Box 551244 | Gastonia, NC 28055 | board@capex.info